2021 Polkafest

We know it’s been a really disappointing and frustrating year for everybody. That’s why it’s as hard for us to have to make this announcement as it is for all of you to have to read it.

Unfortunately, it has become almost certain that the Illinois Polkafest for 2021 will have to be canceled. While a difficult decision, it’s not even one we have been allowed to make for ourselves. Instead, the State of Illinois has made the decision for us by mandating that any event with more than 50 people or that includes a dance floor may not be held until a vaccine for COVID has become available. While it is possible such a vaccine could be released, the unknowns are far too great for us to be able to plan for the February 2021 event. Should things change, and should there be enough time for everyone to react, we most certainly will do all we can to still hold the 2021 festival and allow each of you to decide for yourselves if you feel it is safe to attend or not. Sadly, for now, none of us will be allowed to make that decision – the governor of Illinois has made if for us.

We know this is going to be yet another disappointment in a long string of disappointments since all of this started back in March. We, along with all of the bands, would like nothing better than to see all of you at the 33rd Illinois Polkafest in 2021. If that can happen, we will certainly let everyone know. For now, the best we can offer is to see everyone February 4-6, 2022. We will miss seeing all of you in February, 2021!